Nutrition Tips

Teri Cohen, Ben Cohen’s wife, tells us all about the combinations of foods and how they really matter! It’s all natural real foods, all day. No powders, no supplements. There are 6 meals a day and each meal is designed to be fully digested before your next meal comes. This is how you lose weight! It’s truly all about nutrition. You can have the most rigorous workout routine, but if you aren’t eating right… you won’t lose that weight!

When you sign up for FoodFuels you get access to our daily meal plans, shopping lists, hundreds of delicious recipes, and most importantly the accountability of your own personal coach. I will be there to teach you, motivate you, guide you and help you along your journey! We will have daily check-in’s and I will do whatever I can to help you reach your goal! Download the Food Fuels app and sign up today. Be sure to select TERI COHEN as your coach! Feel free to message me with any questions 847-815-8848.