Lessons From My Grandfather

Lessons from My Grandfather: Wisdom for Success in Business and Life
by Marc Demetriou

You’re never too young or too old to make your dreams come true…to choose to be what you want to be. Lessons From My Grandfather shows how you can achieve success and fulfillment in life by following 15 timeless principles handed down by Marc Demetriou’s grandfather, Haralambos Georgiou Pistis—or just “Charlie.” 

An Ellis Island immigrant, Charlie left his country at just 16 with nothing but a bag full of dreams, his wits, and the desire to succeed – and he transformed his world. Through his steadfast willingness to work hard, and a determination to control life rather than allowing it to control him, Charlie succeeded on his own terms, finding happiness and financial security. 

In these pages, Demetriou tells Charlie’s inspirational story, then applies his lessons to today. The result provides both clarity and vision for helping you recognize your unique talents, along with lifelong principles that will allow you to identify and reach your goals in life and business. This book is an essential blueprint that you can use for today and tomorrow. As Demetriou likes to call it, “success made simple.”

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