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Post-Walk Yoga Stretch

This post walk yoga stretch, is a perfect little yoga flow to stretch out the toes, legs and hips at home, after you’ve been for a walk. This yoga flow will help release tension from the lower half of the body and stretch out the muscles used for walking. Whether you walk for miles at a time, or just a quick walk around the block, this yoga for walkers is a great practice.

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5-Pose Yoga Fix: Stretches for Walkers

Walking can be an easy way to build fitness and enjoy the great outdoors, but the repetitive motion can tighten muscles, particularly the hips, hamstrings and lower back. Practicing a few yoga poses after a walk helps lengthen and stretch your muscles, keeping you balanced, flexible and walking for miles.

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7 Upper Back Stretches For Pain Relief

Learn 7 Upper Back Stretches to release tightness in your upper back, shoulders and neck.

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Full Body Yoga for Strength & Flexibility | 25 Minute At Home Mobility Routine

Powerful Yoga Workout for Strength & Flexibility. Join us for a 25 Minute Flow. Open the hips, the shoulders, and tap into your core strength.

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Move With Nicole

Nicole is a pilates instructor that believes in finding forms of movement that feel good for your body and soul and hopes that through her classes, she can guide you to your best feeling self!

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Do Yoga With Me

DoYogaWithMe is a free online video resource that offers classes, pose demonstrations, meditations, breathing techniques, and anatomy videos to yogis around the world.

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10 Stretches All Desk Workers Should Do Every Day

To save your body from the side effects of staying seated too long, take a five-minute break each day to do these 10 essential stretches.

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The Best Online Yoga Classes to Help You Find Your Center

Online yoga classes don’t just exist—they abound. There are tons of amazing courses out there, and many of them deserve a spot in your routine. We’ve compiled our favorites below, so you know exactly where to start based on your goals and your preferred style of yoga.

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SUPER Fun Partner Yoga Poses! | Yoga for Couples or Friends

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these deep, gentle partner yoga poses and stretches for couples and friends!

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Slow Flow Hip Opening Yoga | Yoga by Biola

Our hips are sacred. They carry our creations and are 1 of our major energy epicenters. With that being said, it’s essential that we spend time optimizing their mobility

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How to Fix Lower Back Pain | 3 Must Do Stretches for Relief with Amanda Bisk

The key contributor to our lower back pain usually stems from our hips. Think about how much sitting you do in a day, while you work, drive, watch TV, eat food (and so on!). Sitting for long periods causes tightness, imbalances and immobility in the hip joint, which leads to more stress + strain on the lower back muscles = back pain.

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Yoga with Adriene Calendar 

Free PDF Yoga Calendar to keep you focused and on track! Updated every month with access to past calendars. 

Stretch & Flexibility at Home

Stretching is essential to your daily life, even if you’re not planning to exercise. ACSM suggest people stretch at least 2-3 times each week for a healthy life. Scientifically proven that regular stretching helps reduce muscle stiffness, release pain, improve flexibility and relieve stress. 

The YogaRoom Facebook Group 

The private Facebook group TheYogaRoom is a quickly growing community of nearly 10,000 members. Yogis across the globe turn to the group each day to share images of pose accomplishments and setbacks, interesting yoga news and articles, tips and trends, and to obtain advice for difficult positions or pose challenges. This active community of men and women provides inspiration and motivation to fellow yogis, as well as support for yoga careers. Pull up a mat and join the free group and say hello to thousands of your new best yogi friends.

Like the Yelp of yoga, is a worldwide network that can help you find great yoga teachers and studios in your hometown or while traveling. The massive online directory and mobile app is not just a listing of locations. You can type in your city or zip code and come up with a listing of teachers and studios sorted by proximity to you, listing the class time and cost. Then, if you find one that interests you, you can click on the instructor or studio name and see a full profile and even read student reviews. Easy! And, if you are interested in yoga retreats, there is a comprehensive listing of those as well, all at deeply discounted prices. 

Yoga Journal 

Yoga Journal is a great website where you can find free online yoga videos, offering yoga pose instructions, yoga sequences for beginners to advanced practitioners, guided meditations to keep your day stress-free, and yogic wisdom to inspire and strengthen your path to enlightenment. You can easily search for a video that suites your needs using the category filters. 

This Curvi Yogi

This is a channel dedicated to cultivating Wellness through Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations and Motivational Practices. New videos posted weekly!


Ensō is a sleek and elegant meditation timer and bell, designed to enhance your meditation and mindfulness experience.

Free version or $2.99 for all access on iOS

I am – Daily Affirmations app 

How many negative thoughts have been endlessly repeating in your mind? Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self-esteem and change negative thought patterns. Empower yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions. Choose from many daily intentions and set reminders to be delivered throughout the day. 

Yoga By Biola

Abiola Akanni is the Nigerian-American yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur behind Yoga by Biola. She created this YouTube channel to bring accessible yoga and enlightenment practices to underserved and ‘othered’ communities. This platform is here to guide you in your personal yoga journey and overall wellbeing. We’ll explore yoga, chakra studies, emotional discernment, spiritual ascension, self care and more.

Alyna Rost

Follow along for some great inspiration and at home workouts. @alynarost.pilates


Learn from the best of the best with a variety of free yoga videos for all skill levels. Enjoy Vinyasa, Resorative, Power Yoga and more!

Do Yoga With Me

Currently offering 2 months free to their website which includes a large library of various yoga videos and access to their yoga community!

Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body iOS

Great app for those just starting to get into Yoga, or meditation. Offers warm-ups and cool downs, great for prime relaxation!

Boho Beautiful
Boho Beautiful offers free yoga classes and meditation practices on YouTube.

Yoga with Adriene
Free library of yoga videos for all levels, bodies, genders and souls. These videos are designed to help you build a healthy and happy home yoga practice.
IG: @adrienelouise

Sarah Beth Yoga
Free 5-30-minute yoga videos to help you stretch, tone and relax. Here you have yoga videos for all yoga styles and levels.

Kino Yoga
Kino MacGregor’s YouTube channel is an encyclopedia of yoga poses and full-length yoga practices. By practicing with Kino, you’ll feel part of a worldwide community of yogis.
IG: @kinoyoga

Yoga with Kassandra
The #1 resource for free online Yin Yoga. Here you’ll find weekly Yin Yoga and Vinyasa flow classes for all experience levels. Visit her website to join her FREE 7 Day Yin Yoga Immersion Program!

Fightmaster Yoga
Free online yoga classes where their motto is “it’s not about the pose and you don’t have to be perfect”. Don’t worry if you’re not flexible or inexperienced, all you have to do is show up.

CorePower Yoga
CorePower Yoga is streaming free classes on YouTube. They’re also running free classes a few times a week on IG live – schedule posted weekly on their IG feed, @corepoweryoga

Jessica Valant Pilates
Jessica Valant is your source for the best Pilates and fitness workouts online with over 16 years as a licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor. Check out videos on YouTube and full-length videos on her website.

Lottie Murphy Pilates
Lottie is a healthy lifestyle blogger, Pilates instructor and holistic health coach from London.  Check out her YouTube channel for short Pilates videos for strength, relaxation and toning.

Club Pilates
Club Pilates is offering at-home virtual classes to help you build a Pilates foundation from the comfort of your home. Pilates can help build a strong core, balanced mind and flexible body to conquer your day.

Yoga Journal
Yoga Journal is your number one source for in-depth yoga pose instruction, yoga sequences for beginners to advanced practitioners, guided meditations to keep your day stress-free, and yogic wisdom to inspire and strengthen your path to enlightenment. Namaste!

Grokker app
Hundreds of yoga classes of varying styles and levels, and recipes for every lifestyle or cuisine you can imagine.

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